Empowering the Derbyshire community with inclusive programs and support

Through our inclusive programs such as our Monthly Disco, Craft Club, Swim Sessions, and Soft Play Sessions, we strive to provide accessible and enriching experiences for individuals with special educational needs and disabilities, and for their parents and carers. Join us today and become a part of our welcoming and inclusive community.

Monthly Disco

Our monthly disco is suitable for children from 4 to 19 years old and offers a safe and fun social environment where children can relax and unwind. Our discos are held on the third Friday of every month.

Craft Club for Community Creativity

Engage in our vibrant and inclusive Holiday Craft Club, where creativity knows no bounds. Join us in Derbyshire for a fun-filled experience through crafting and unleash your inner artist.

Swim Sessions in Derbyshire

Fun swim sessions for all ages and abilities in Derbyshire offered by SENDisco CIC. Swim sessions are offered in a sensory pool at either Alfreton Park hydrotherapy pool, or at Victoria Park leisure centre sensory pool, Ilkeston.

Playtime Fun for Children

Enjoy fun and engaging soft play sessions for children 4-19 in the Derbyshire area with SENDisco CIC. Soft play is at Leagreen outdoor activity centre. It’s a soft play area specifically suited for special needs children and adults. Our experienced team creates a safe and inclusive environment where you can explore, learn, and make new friends.

SEN Aerobics and 16 plus Disco

on the 12thApril is our SEN Aerobics session followed by 16 plus SEN Disco night . starts at 6.30 pm till 10.30 pm at Alfreton Town Supporters club , North st . Alfreton . Cash only at the bar

Come join us at SENDisco CIC for our Monthly Discos, Holiday Craft Club, Swim Sessions, and Soft Play Sessions – call us on 07733 060448 to find out more!